Using Toothpicks To Create Sculptures for Kids

When it comes to crafts, using toothpicks can be a wonderful way to allow children to tap into their creative young minds. Toothpicks come in multiple colours today as an incentive for children to enjoy the act of proper dental hygiene, and that means the creativity that can come in as simple as heading to your local pharmacy and letting the kids pick those that spark their interests.

There are multiple ways toothpicks can be incorporated into arts and crafts. This includes creating sculptures, combining marshmallows to allow for creative designs, let alone using other crafts to add to the dexterity of creating more elaborate crafts. All go far to helping children to help gain a better understanding of how some things come together, but also allowing their minds to work, and that is where crafting has benefits.

If you have yet to sit at the kitchen table with your kids and build toothpick sculptures, you should give this some consideration. Of course, the first thing to do is teach them the proper use and that poking others with toothpicks is not appropriate.

Toothpick Projects

There is a multitude of projects that can be great fun when engaging the kids. From something as simple as building structures using playdough to challenging the kids to create more elaborate structures such as domes, houses, playgrounds and more. The best part, if using marshmallows, the kids can enjoy a tasty snack after their accomplishments.

One of the most beneficial parts to using toothpicks is the flexibility to incorporate many other craft items into the project, and that allows children to experience different textures as they carry out the tasks they are focused on.

Consider adding in things that children can relate to but also those they may be unaccustomed with such as beads, wood or other materials. Soap is another good addition as it can be gentle soaked to allow for increased flexibility. Gumdrops and Styrofoam is another as is wooden skewers. Just bear in mind to dull the ends so as to avoid any injuries, and of course, supervising when using any object that could result in an injury is paramount to toothpick crafts being a success.

One of the more incentive driven crafts when coupling toothpicks into the equation are those that are edible. This can include fruit such as bananas, different melons, strawberries and any others you children might be fond of. It motivates them to complete the task, stay focused but have fun while being creative as they know the end result will be a treat they enjoy snacking on.