The best crafting games to spend your free time with (part 1)

Crafting games come in many different shades because they can both be their own genre or work as a large component of many different games. As long as you need to craft items to get ahead, be that a bow, a shovel, or a tasty meal, it counts. Crafting is obviously a big part of survival games, but there is the best crafting game for everyone. Games with many different moods and genres depend on your ability to get crafty.

However, there is one thing all crafting games have in common: they are always about the journey of discovery and the delight of finding new things to make and use. And these best crafting games encapsulate this feeling perfectly.

1. Dig or Die

Instantly recognizable as a crafting game inspired by Terraria, Dig or Die is a mixture of defense and crafting complete with side-scrolling and platforming elements. Your task is in the title – after crash landing on a strange alien planet, you need to get digging in order to find as many resources as possible before the inhabitants out for your hide come to knock on your door.

What makes Dig or Die special is that besides crafting items that will help you survive in a hostile environment and work on a new spaceship, you also build your own home and its defense systems. If you’re new to this type of building and crafting gameplay, Dig or Die is simple enough to quickly get you going.

2. Creativerse

This is probably the best Minecraft competitor, a free-to-play alternative to Mojang’s mega-hit with a more polished look and user-friendly menus. However, Creativerse does more than offer quality of life improvements over Minecraft. There’s a stronger focus on combat and subsequent enemy loot, and the variety in biomes makes it great for multiplayer role-playing.

The game is still being updated with features like camera modes and rotatable blocks, and there’s also a Creativerse Pro DLC, which includes a glider, stamina and inventory upgrades as well as the option to create your own worlds.