Top 10 richest female artists in the world (Part 3)

7th place: Taylor Swift ($ 360 million US dollars)

The idea that with the title of the best-selling artist on the planet and the best-selling album of the year, Taylor Swift will also lead the list of the richest female artists in the world, but in contrast, she only ranks at number 7. after six other names. Even Taylor must “offer”, then surely the leading character will be extremely terrible here.

Taylor Allison Swift, is known as one of the most prominent singers and composers in the European and American music industry. Up to now, the female artist has released 7 studio albums and all 7 “brainchildren” have achieved a significant response from the public opinion community and experts everywhere. Besides the best-selling albums as well as extremely popular singles, she is also one of the only artists to own the biggest tour in history with Reputation Stadium Tour in 2018. And only from album sales. And go on tour, vocalist ME! has easily “pocketed” total assets of up to $ 360 million US dollars.

6th place: Jennifer Lopez ($ 400 million US dollars)

Next up is Jennifer Lopez. Different from other artists on this list, Jennifer – also known as JLO, began her career as a dancer. She maintained this job until the early 1990s and in 1999, the female artist officially entered the music industry with her debut album, On The 6 .

In addition, besides her music career, JLO has also participated in many movie projects such as Hustlers, Second Act, The Boy Next Door, … Besides, she also toured and attended major events. small to maintain their image in the media. With a series of efforts in the work of the female artist, she has harvested total assets of up to $ 400 million USD.