5 reasons why the iPhone is the first choice of women

For most women, the iPhone is a popular smartphone brand and is favored for its practicality, its art, as well as fashion.

Since its first launch up to now, the iPhone has always been a brand that has maintained the top position in the hearts of women.

In 2016, researchers at three UK universities, Lincoln, Lancaster and Hertfordshire, conducted a survey on the smartphone usage habits of 500 participants. The results showed that women tend to choose iPhone higher than men.

Why do women love the defective apple cell phones? Here are the 5 most common reasons, according to PhoneArena and Medium.

High brand awareness

In fact, most women are not too passionate and knowledgeable about technology. Therefore, when choosing high-tech items, they often look for brands with high recognition, used by many celebrities and friends.

In the mid-to-high-end segment, the iPhone is attractive and highly reliable. Not only regularly appearing on mass media and social networks, monolithic smartphones with the missing apple logo have become a familiar image in everyday life.

Own product ecosystem

One of the advantages that makes the iPhone hold the top position for more than 13 years is the utility Apple ecosystem. An Apple smartphone can be easily connected to other products like iPad, MacBook and AirPods with just a few simple taps.

Therefore, the iPhone becomes the ideal solution for women who prefer the Apple brand. The Apple smartphone interacts perfectly with products in the ecosystem, minimizing the hassle of incompatibility when using other devices.

Trendy design

Not stopping at a smartphone, women today consider smartphones as a fashion accessory to express their personality, perfect outfits when needed.

Since the launch of the iPhone 4 model in 2010, the defective apple family has scored in the eyes of female customers with a design inclined to minimalism, sophistication: monolithic design, aluminum shell with elegant colors. This feature continues to follow the company’s next smartphone life, creating its own mark on the market.

Simple operation and easy to use

Women tend to choose smartphones with easy-to-use operations. In fact, iOS is considered by many to be the simplest and most familiar mobile operating system for women.

Women often use smartphones to communicate, surf the Internet, take pictures or play some light mobile games. With basic usage needs, girls can stick with the iPhone for a long time while still ensuring stable performance.

Suitable for virtual living

One of the important factors that make women willing to spend money to buy an iPhone is the quality of the camera and the software to automatically process photos of the Apple smartphone.

Just an iPhone, the sister association has in hand many interesting photography modes, serving the needs of virtual living anytime, anywhere. No need to go through editing, the photos taken by the iPhone are sharp enough for them to post on social networks.

In addition, AirDrop is also a very useful exclusive feature of Apple to transfer photos to machines with the same iOS operating system, many times faster than today’s Bluetooth.