Top 10 richest female artists in the world (Part 2)

9th place: Lady Gaga ($ 300 million US dollars)

Next on the list is Lady Gaga, also known as “Mother Monsters” by the community of Little Monsters. Like Britney Spears, Gaga had a relatively successful debut in 2008 with his debut album titled The Fame . After its debut, the product received a lot of responses from the public and experts alike and debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 200 chart at that time. The Fame is  also known as one of the five best-selling albums of the year.

After the success of The Fame , Gaga continued to rock the music industry with her talent through the next 5 studio albums: Born This Way, Artpop , Cheek To Cheek , Joanne and Chromatica . And it seems that all 5 products have achieved considerable commercial success. Also from these 6 “spiritual children” (including The Fame ), the singer Bad Romance has recovered a fortune of up to $ 300 USD.

8th place: Mariah Carey ($ 300 million US dollars)

Next at No. 8 is music legend Mariah Carey. Unlike other names on this list, Mariah is probably the earliest debuted character compared to the rest of the artists, but in contrast, the female artist’s success is equally glorious. After her debut album was released in 1990, the product immediately reached # 1 on the Billboard Hot 200 chart and did not stop there, the album continued to extend its winning streak for 11 consecutive weeks. continued. The current product is 9x platinum certified in the United States. This is definitely one of the rare achievements in the American music scene. In addition, Mariah’s subsequent studio albums also achieved remarkable results.

Up to now, the singer One Sweet Day owns all 15 studio albums and all of them bring the female artist a huge amount of income. Besides, with tours and large-scale events, Mariah has a fortune of up to $ 300 million USD.