Alibaba Digital Art to Greet Fans at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

As thousands of people are going to arrive in Tokyo in July for the Olympic Games 2020, the experience for a lot of them will begin as soon as they get out of the plane, thanks to a new idea from Alibaba Group.

On Thursday, Alibaba, a Worldwide Partner for the Olympics, unveiled its Alibaba Cloud Gallery, a creative cooperation with young Japanese artists in order to bring together sports, technology, and culture in several digital installations at Narita airport in Tokyo.

According to Alibaba, the artwork, which is set to appear on all screens at the airport, mixxes elements of Japanese culture with images of athletes in order to create a memorable first impression for the travelers that are going to attend the Games. Alibaba Cloud will help the artists be able to work with the data-heavy visual elements necessary for the installations by providing high-performance data intelligence.

This is the newest creative initiative from Alibaba’s partnership with the International Olympic Committee, with the aim of digitizing the Games and attracting a new fans generation. For Alibaba Group, that means using creativity and technology to engage young people and give Japanese artists, who will be on display at the Alibaba Cloud Gallery, their own stage on which to be seen.

The art installations also include the latest launched Alibaba-Olympic Games partnership logo for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The logo with Alibaba below the Olympic Rings means to show the group’s commitment to best support the Olympic Games with its cloud technology, expertise in digital commerce, as well as its efforts to make the Games more appealing to a younger fan generation.

Alibaba Cloud’s country manager in Japan, Unique Song, said that the Group would continue to support young Japanese artists even after the artwork exhibition is over by introducing artificial intelligence-driven tools along with multimedia solutions like smart-video editing and 3D modeling, which have been used in the Alibaba ecosystem.