The most unique art genre in the world (Part 2)


In the  Top 10 types of  photo  art  worth  of all  ages,  architecture  is the art of  bringing  highly technical,  k  be done by an  individual  that  requires  the contributions of a  group  community. Architecture  often  gives  representations to an entire civilization, especially those that  have just  collapsed  like  ancient Egypt, ancient China, ancient India, ancient Iran, ancient Greece, Ancient Rome …  so far,  architecture often expressed in the   highest applicability and  using  reinforced concrete  using the  main material.

Often  confused  with the architecture but the  sculpture  is a  form  of art entirely  different  special. Sculpture  is three-dimensional artwork is  built  using  methods  generated  image  or  blend  of materials  like  metal, stone, glass, or wood. The material is also  sufficient internal force to  be  used  like  clay, textiles, plastic, polymers, metals …

Sculpture  developed  brilliantly in ancient civilizations, folk, and often the artists performing on the map crafts or architecture. The subject  of  sculpture is  extremely rich, from  shaping  objects to sculpting decorative motifs, life,  knowledge, spirituality …  today  sculpture  has  gradually lost its position by  the success  of technology., especially automatic machines   and 3D printing technology.

Art  theater

Art  theater  is a kind of  image  of artistic performance,  include  the type of  image  theater, musicals, dance, balet …  Art  theater  doesn’t take  an application  odd but  enough internal resources  combined  with the type of  picture  other  like  sound music or dance, but the special feature of  the stage  is the art of  setting  the scene, canvas, lighting  just like the  script, the plot and the acting of the actor.

home  compose  dramatic greatest of all  dating  is William Shakespeare with many famous play  like  Romeo and Juliet, Hemlet, MacBeth, King Lear …  stage  Oriental has captured  the original  history with the kind of  image  opera, operetta, reformed, quan …


Dance  is a performing art traditions, catch  stem  from the typical  culture  of the  country  other  together. Dance  is usually performed by the dancers,  used  language  form  can to  sharing  the  beauty  to  the reader . Until  now, there is much  controversy  about the  dances  have a kind of  photo  art or  k  because according to the book “Aesthetics” Hegel, only six types of  image  art,  k  with dance  but many art academies in the  country  and many scholars are classified  dancing  is a  form  of art.