Food Presentation Creativity

There are several factors that affect your perception of how a dish would taste the first it is the smell and even though it is second, the way the dish is presented probably effects your taste buds most. Most of us instantly reject browned bananas, bruised apples or over-ripe avocados. It works the same way in dishes, it all counts on how dishes are prepared, and the most perfect dish are those where it tastes as great as it looks.

Chefs Creative Abilities Transform Food into Masterpieces

Artistry, really, only follows one the food has gone through the cooking process, it is when the food is transferred from the pot to the plate that chef’s creativity takes over. Speciality chefs know just how to arrange the food, combine colours, combine the perfect balance and with a few last additions every plate of food becomes a piece of art. If you’re the chef at home, cooking for the family or special occasion it is always possible to jazz up some old favourites to get everyone excited. It hardly takes extra time as the preparation process remains the same, it’s a few added touches that make a huge difference.

Dishing & Dressing Up of Food

Each plate of food is an artwork, arranging food in colours, adding a bit of sauce or a touch of spice could make a world of difference. Top chefs advise that it should look natural, like every bit of food is exactly where it is meant to be. The part that is most important is striking a balance between dishing up enough food and conveying hospitality at the same time, you never want to offend your guest. Professionals leave one-third of the plate empty. Plates should be dished up just before it is served, and cold foods should be cold and hot food hot. The edges of the place need to be immaculate, it must be cleaned of all sauces or spills.

Decorating the Frame of Your Masterpiece

The plate is the frame of your masterpiece, and there are quite a few artistic framing strategies that are quick and massively improve the presentation of the food. It all starts with the purchase of attractive plates and bowls in different colours and shapes. Alternatively, the rim of the plate can be decorated with colourful spices, Himalayan salts, and confectionary sugars. Appetizers can be presented in the most sensational ways; fresh herbs add all the finishing touches especially if you use thyme or rosemary.

Mixing textures and colours it is all about combining several elements to produce an eye-catching meal. Garnishes can include a wedge of lemon, dash of paprika or chives. Colourful sauces draped in odd or circle forms are striking, and all fruits are colourful enough to catch the eye. Garnishes can also add more flavour when preserves are used in a combination with other sauces. Fresh strawberries served with circled chocolate sauces on the side can make a single scoop of ice-cream look magnificent.