Arts & Crafts – From Local to Global

Art has the power to change the world and can motivate people to turn what they are thinking into doing. Even when many can easily do something to help, the greatest challenges in the world right now is that every often feels completely untouched by the global problems of other such as climate change. It is a lack of feeling part of a global community and once people have access to data it leaves them with a disconnected or overwhelmed feel, instead of poised and empowered to act. This is where art comes in and has the power to make a difference. Art does not show people what they should do, yet art engaging with and connecting to the senses of the mind and body can leave the world feeling engaged and ready to act.

Artist Olafur Eliasson feels that art is the way that helps us all identify with each other and at the same time it expands people’s notion. Most of us, moved by artwork, artwork includes a novel, spatiotemporal experiment, a song, or a play, transports us to a new place strongly rooted in a physical experience. It is the awareness of that feeling often so unfamiliar, that is the transformative experience that art is seeking constantly.

Major Responsibility of Artists

Artists thus have a responsibility to assist people to understand and to get to know the things they feel on a physical and emotional level. Art can migrate that numbing effect often created by the surplus of information via social media and internet, and art has the means to motivate people to turn their thoughts to action.

It is not a solitary even when you engage with art, art and culture signify several areas in which people of all ages can share an experience and come together even when they see the world in drastically different ways. It is agreeing about the experience shared that is most important. Disagreement is embraced in art and in culture an essential ingredient. A community created by culture and art is always a great source of inspiration for activists and politicians, who work to surpass the stigmatisation and populism of others and worldviews that is widespread, sadly, in public dialogue in modern society.

Many artists travel the world and while they stand in front of global leaders today, tomorrow could be in front of thousands of fans, or a craftsman to build a stage or exhibition centre. Great artists encounter a variety of outlooks, an array of different perceptions, a wealth of ideas, and their knowledge continues to increase on a non-stop basis. Their ability to take part in global and local exchanges has a profound impact or the effect of their artwork, which often is the drive behind great artists who hope to touch people around the world with their performances, artwork or any form of entertainment.